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System302 / Foundation Fieldbus Installation

This training course introduces Foundation Fieldbus and Smar's System302 installation aspects. Also, Fieldbus System Architectures, Ethernet Installation Aspects, HSE and Intrinsic Safe application issues are discussed.


The attendee will be able to:

  • Understand Foundation Fieldbus Installation details.
  • Dimension the H1 and HSE network levels.
  • Understand Foundation Fieldbus Redundant System Architectures.
  • Understand the Intrinsic Safe Aspects into Foundation Fieldbus technology and Smar System302 solution.
  • Understand Ethernet and HSE levels Installation Aspects


  • Foundation Fieldbus Typical Installation
  • Physical Layer - IEC 1158-2:
  • H1 Level:
    - H1 Level Benefits
    - H1 Level Number of Devices
    - Power Supply
    - Cable Specification
    - Cable Ground
    - Network Topologies
    - Spur and Trunk Length
    - System Reliability
    - Intrinsic Safety
  • High Speed Ethernet:
    - Ethernet and TCP/IP Basics
    - Cable Definitions and Specification
    - Fiber Optic Application
    - Distance limitations
    - Recommended Switches and Radio Types
    - Redundant Architectures
    - Ethernet/HSE Installation Tools
  • Control Panel Aspects:
    - Panel Design
    - Panel Project Documentation
    - Layout Considerations
    - Design Aspects
    - General Recommendations

It is mandatory to have attended the FFP01 or FFP02 training courses.

Program Length:
8 hours (1 working days)

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