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System302 / Foundation Fieldbus Basic Concepts

This module presents the benefits of Foundation Fieldbus, covering the physical layer H1 and HSE levels, user layer and general system architecture. During the course Smar's System302 components and systems are used as practical examples.

The attendee will be able to:

  • Understand Foundation Fieldbus Benefits.
  • Understand Foundation Fieldbus System Architecture.
  • Know the concept of Smar System302 Foundation Fieldbus solution


  • Foundation Fieldbus Overview
    - Physical Layer - H1 and HSE Levels
    - Protocol Behaviour
    - User Layer - Function Blocks Application.
    - OPC and HMI - Supervision Level
  • Foundation Fieldbus System Architecture
    - DCS architecture
    - Operator Workstation
    - Engineering Workstation
    - Maintenance Workstation
    - Linking Device and HSE Level
    - H1 Field Devices Level
    - 4-20mA/HART and Discrete I/O
  • System302 4-20mA/HART and Discrete I/O
  • System302 Application DEMO

Basic Knowledge of Industrial Instrumentation and Process Control is required.

program Length:
8 hours (1 working day)

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