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Foundation Fieldbus System Specification

During the sessions, the participant will learn what kind of documents and information are necessary to generate a real Foundation Fieldbus specification.

The attendee will be able to:

  • Select the documentation necessary to start a Foundation Fieldbus system specification
  • Dimension Foundation Fieldbus hardware, software and networks elements
  • Estimate the system panel count, system heat release, power consumption and spare part
  • Build a System Project Schedule
  • Specify the Factory Acceptance - FAT duration and execution
  • Understand the Structure of a Real Foundation Fieldbus Bid
  • Use System Configuration Tools - Syscon
  • Select devices
  • Understand discrete logic integration
  • Implement discrete logic in a Foundation Fieldbus project


  • Specifications Requirements:
    - what do you need to build a Specification?
    - System Performance
    - I/O Count
    - System Architecture Sample
    - HMI Definitions
  • Specifications Design:
    - System Architecture
    - I/O Integration
    - Intrinsic Safe Aspects
    - Controllers Integration
    - System Workstation
    - Network Elements
    - Modbus Communication with Third Party
    - System Architecture Specification
    - Panels Dimension Aspects
    - HMI Configuration
    - Engineering Services
    - Factory Acceptance Test
    - System and Operation Training Services
    - Project Documentation
    - Spare Part Specification
    - Selecting Vendors and Parts
    - Field Instrument Specification
    - Host Device Specification
    - Interface Hardware Specification
    - Engineering Software Specification
  • Quotation Assembling:
    - Bill of Materials
    - System Architecture Drawings
    - System Description
    - Project Schedule Format
    - System Heat Release and Power Consumption
    - System Delivery Schedule
    - General Remarks
    - System Specification and Documentation Sample

It is mandatory to have attended FFP06 and FFP07 or FFP02 or FFP05 training courses.

Program Length:
32 hours (4 working days)

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