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System302 / Foundation Fieldbus Optimisation

After a Foundation Fieldbus overview presentation, the attendees will learn how to optimise the network time control and system supervision, assuring system reliability and better network performance.

The attendee will be able to:

  • Understand the Data Link Layer Services
  • Understand the Scheduled and Unscheduled Control Transfers
  • Optimise the Fieldbus Network Control and Scan Times
  • Optimise Foundation Fieldbus System Supervision


  • Function Blocks Scheduling
  • H1 Communication Stack
  • H1 Network Control Time Optimisation
  • H1 Macro cycle Calculation
  • Background Traffic
  • VCR - Virtual Communication Relationship
  • Supervision: MVC - Multiple Variable Container x View
  • Supervision Optimisation
  • System Reliability Aspects

It is mandatory to have attended FFP06 and FFP07 or FFP02 or FFP05 training courses.

Program Length:
8 hours (1 working days)

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