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System302 / Maintenance

This module covers the system maintenance tools and procedures to improve performance of a Foundation Fieldbus System network. Also, attendees will be introduced to the troubleshooting steps during configuration, commissioning and startup.


The attendee will be able to:

  • Handle the System302 package
  • Perform DFI302, PCI and Field Devices firmware, download and factory init procedures
  • Change Devices Description Versions
  • Analyse Foundation Fieldbus networks and systems through System302 maintenance software tools


  • System302 Installation Package Aspects
  • System302 Interfaces (PCI/DFI) Installation Setup
  • Firmware Download
  • Device Description Aspects
  • System302 Field Devices Calibration Procedures:
    - Pressure Transmitters
    - Temperature Transmitters
    - Signal Converters
    - Valve Positioners
    - Position Transmitters
    - Concentration/Density Transmitters
  • PCI/DFI Transducer Block Maintenance Setup
  • Procedure to Initialise Redundant System
  • Procedure to Set a Device to be a Link Master (BOF Class)
  • Procedure to Replace H1 Field Devices
  • Communication Check Out Software Tools:
    - TagMonit
    - TagView
    - Log302
    - FBTools
    - FBView
  • Noise interference analysis in the Foundation Fieldbus H1 level
  • System302 Troubleshooting
  • AssetView - Online Plant Asset Management System

It is mandatory to have attended FFP06 and FFP07 or FFP02 or FFP05 training courses.

Program Length:
24 hours (3 working days)

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