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Profibus PA Training Course

This course presents the Profibus-PA protocol at user level, providing information on system features, benefits, physical characteristics and integration with Profibus-DP field devices.

The attendee will be able to:

  • Define Profibus Network physical layer - function blocks, network topology and system structure
  • Use of Siemens Simatic PDM as Configuration Software
  • Use of Smar Magnetic Screwdriver as Configuration Tool
  • Proceed Cyclic and Acyclic configuration requirements to Input and Output field devices


  • Profibus PA - Basic Features
  • Network Elements
  • System Architecture
  • Profibus-PA Function Blocks
  • Smar Profibus-PA Field Devices Series (303 Family) and Tools:
    - Pressure Transmitters
    - Temperature Transmitters
    - Signal Converters
    - Valve Positioners
    - Position Transmitters
    - Concentration/Density Transmitters
  • Siemens Simatic PDM Software and Magnetic Screwdriver SD1 as Configuration Tools
  • Profibus PA Product Calibration Procedures
  • Integration tools (GSD and DD files)
  • Devices Maintenance and Troubleshooting Procedures

Basic Knowledge on Industrial Instrumentation and Process Control is recommended.

Program Length:
24 hours (3 working days)

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