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Leading Process Control Technologies 1 day overview

The process world currently has many technology options. However, there are three leading technologies in this arena; Foundation Fieldbus, HART and Profibus PA. This hands on workshop aims to provide attendees an overview of all three technologies. The workshop is designed to be held at customers premises enabling a mix of technical and non technical people to attend. The day is split into three sections;

Section 1) Technologies Overview and Demonstration of Working Systems - 2 hours

This section enables Technical and non-technical people to gain an overview of the current leading technologies, covering their physical structure, software layers, features and benefits. Using this knowledge attendees then look at typical implementations of each technology. The organisations that maintain the standards and promote the use and development of each technology are explained along with what to check for when selecting compatible equipment. Attendees will be able to see working systems, how they are connected together, configured and their overall performance.


Section 2) Hands-on Installation and Configuration - 4 hours

This section follows on from section 1 and is intended for Technical people wishing to experience the installation and configuration of working systems. This covers HART networks using 4-20mA as the control signal, HART Networks using HART communication (not the 4-20mA signal) as the control mechanism and a Foundation Fieldbus (FF) system using FF HSE, FF H1 networks and integration of Modbus and HART instrumentation. This hands on work gives attendees a real feel for the technologies.


Section 3) Technology limitations and design considerations - 2 hours

Finally the day ends looking at the technical limitations and design considerations when using these technologies.

This training course is a combination of practical information and hands-on exercises covering the leading technologies in process control.

The attendee will be able to:

  • Identify the key hardware and software structure of each technology
  • List the features and benefits of each technology compared to 4-20mA and each other 
  • Know the principle performance limitations for each technology
  • Identify compatible equipment for use in systems based on these technologies
  • Identify and understand the structure of the organisations responsible for these technologies
  • Know the principle design limitations for each technology
  • Begin an assessment of the significance and relevance of these technologies to their job and their companies requirements


  • Hardware and Software, structure and levels; Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus and HART
  • Key functionality of each technology
  • Features and benefits
  • Typical applications
  • The organisations behind each technology
  • Interoperability and the selection of compatible components
  • Demonstration of working systems
  • Hands-on installation
  • Hands-on configuration
  • Technology Limitations
  • System design considerations

Section 1) is suitable for anybody wishing to gain an overview of these technologies. Sections 2) and 3) require a basic knowledge of process control and the ability to use a Windows based PC.

Program Length:
8 hours (1 working day)

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