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AuditFlow System

This presentation shows how to use the Smar Audit Flow System in fiscal flow measurement control. It also introduces the standards to measure natural gas and liquids, presenting the FC302 functional blocks, system integration and the FCView - visualisation and report generator tool.

The attendee will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of Audit Flow Measurement
  • Understand the basic rules of Natural Gas and Liquids Measurement
  • Understand the use of Proving devices
  • Know the FC302 capability and application


  • Introduction to Audit Flow Measurement
    - Terminology
    - International Standards
    - Flow Measurement Classification
  • Standard and Rules to Natural Gas Measurement
  • Standard and Rules to Liquids Measurement
    - Proving
    - Equations
  • AuditFlow System Presentation
    - System Architecture
    - FC302 - Flow Computer
    - Configuration Tool - Syscon Software
    - Operation and Supervision
  • Traceability
  • MODBUS Integration
  • FCVIEW - Visualisation and Report Generation Tool
  • System302 Package Installation and Introduction
    - Syscon Software
  • Configuration Examples and Practice

Basic Knowledge on Industrial Instrumentation, Process Control and Fiscal Measurement is recommended.

Program Length:
32 hours (4 working days)

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