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System302 / Foundation Fieldbus Solution Provider

Products developed by SMAR (HART and Fieldbus) include silicon communication controllers (ASICs), source code communication protocols, hardware and software for field devices, analogue to fieldbus and fieldbus to analogue converters and interfaces using digital communication, configuration and development tools.

SMAR also provides complete training, consulting and "turn-key" project services to OEMs and instrument manufacturers.

If you need development assistance or hardware, SMAR's 27 years of experience is just a phone call away.

This training course offers a combination of theoretical information and hands-on practice on an FBBoard Customisation Project. It provides the engineering resources to integrate the customer's existing device into the Fieldbus environment. Smar's FBBoard is the key hardware and Smar's FBStack is the key software for this integration.

The attendee will be able to:

  • Understand the Fieldbus Solution Hardware Components
  • Use the FBBoard
  • Use the FDI302 interface
  • Understand the Fieldbus Solution Software Components
  • Use the FBStack functions
  • Implement a customisation project


  • Customer Project Overview
  • Fieldbus Device General Requirements
  • Transducer Block
  • Resource Block
  • FBBoard Technical Description
  • FBBoard Hardware Customisation
  • FBStack Technical Description
  • Device Description
  • Transducer Block Implementation
  • Device Integration and Transducer Validation
  • In house interoperability test
  • Maintenance Program setup
  • Foundation Fieldbus Certification
  • Interoperability test follow-up

Under Consult

Program Length:
32 hours (4 working days)

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