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Boiler Control Using Foundation Fieldbus Technology

This presentation shows how to implement analogue and discrete boiler control using Foundation Fieldbus Technology. It also introduces boiler drum level control, combustion control, draft control and security system aspects.


The attendee will be able to:

  • Understand the Basics about Boiler Control
  • Understand the Boiler Feed water Control System
  • Understand the Boiler Combustion and Drafts Control Systems
  • Understand Alarms and Security Controls implementation
  • Compare a Boiler Control using Conventional and Foundation Fieldbus Technologies


  • Foundation Fieldbus Overview and Benefits in the Boiler Control implementation
  • Introduction and Boiler Basics
  • Boiler Types and Classification
  • Boiler Drum Level (Feedwater) Control System
    - Implementing a Boiler Level Control using Foundation Fieldbus Function Blocks
  • Combustion Control System
    - Solid, Gaseous and Liquid Fuels
    - Solid Fuel Combustion Control
    - Liquid Fuel Combustion Control
    - Implementing a Boiler Combustion Control using Foundation Fieldbus
  • Function Blocks
  • Boiler Draft System
    - Natural and Forced Draft Control
    - Dampers and Damper Control
    - Boiler Draft System implementation using Smar System302
  • Complementary Controls
    - Minimal Flow Fuel
    - Super Heated Steam Temperature Control
    - Air Heater and Combustion Chamber Pressure
    - Boiler Complementary Control implementation using Smar System302
  • Security Systems
    - Identification and Symbols
    - Smar System302 4-20mA/HART and Discrete I/O
    - Security System Structure
    - Ladder Logic Integration
    - Alarms and Boiler's Trip Aspects

Basic knowledge of Industrial Instrumentation and Process Control is recommended.

Program Length:
8 hours (1 working day)

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