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Process Control Basics

This training course introduces the basic elements involved in loop control. The course covers PID action, auto regulation, auto/manual modes, tuning and the main strategies applied in process control. The course then moves on to the technologies used to integrate analogue and discrete I/O, the principles of Logic Controllers, DCS, SCADA and FCS (Fieldbus Control Systems) using Foundation Fieldbus as a reference.

The attendee will be able to:

  • Know the basic concepts of PID and its control actions
  • Understand the automatic/manual control and the principles of tuning loop controls
  • Identify the different types of control systems
  • Recognise the technologies used to integrate analogue and discrete I/O's
  • Understand the latest technologies, systems and concepts used today


  • Introduction & Definitions
  • Process Control - Basics
  • Opened/Closed Loop Control
  • Time Process Delay
  • Control Actions: Proportional, Integral and Derivative
  • P, P+I, P+D, PID Control Modes Time Process Delay
  • Control Loop Tuning - Ziegler Nichols Method
  • Control Systems:
    - Split Range
    - Cascade Control
    - Ratio Control
    - Override Control - Time Process Delay
    - Feed forward Control - Ratio Control
    - Cross Limit Control
    - 3 Element Level Control
  • Process Control Systems Evolution
  • Foundation Fieldbus Technology
  • Configuration Examples and Practice

An Electrical or Mechanical background is recommended.

Program Length:
24 hours (3 working days)

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