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Basic Instrumentation Concepts

This training course introduces the concepts of industrial instrumentation, covering the variables and techniques involved in the measurement, indication, and storage of process control information.


The attendee will be able to:

  • Know the basic concepts of instrumentation and control
  • Understand the concepts behind pressure, level, flow, temperature, density and pH measurement
  • Understand the benefits in measuring and recording process performance data
  • Understand the benefits in knowing and using the interaction between process variables


  • Control and Instrumentation Basic Concepts
    - Introduction
    - Control Loop Elements
    - Terminology and Symbols
  • Telemetry applied on Instrumentation
    - Pneumatic Signals
    - Analogue Signals
    - Digital Signals
  • Process Variables
    - Pressure Measurement
    - Level Measurement
    - Flow Measurement
    - Temperature Measurement
    - Density and PH Measurement
  • Final Control Elements (Control Valves)
    - Components
    - Linear Control Valves
    - Rotary Control Valves
    - Control Valves Accessories
    - Valve Flow Coefficient
  • Configuration Examples and Practice

A Electrical or Mechanical background is recommended.

Program Length:
32 hours (4 working days)

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