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DT301 Concentration / Density Transmitter

The DT301 concentration/density transmitter has a pioneer technology which consists of a capacitive type differential pressure transmitter coupled to a pair of pressure repeaters immersed in the process.


  • Accuracy +0.0004 g/cm3 , °Brix, °Baume, °Plato, °GL, %Solids, specific gravity
  • In field recalibration: no standard reference required
  • No lab calibration required; no process shutdown
  • Ease of maintenance, not requiring periodic cleaning procedures
  • Standard industrial and sanitary process connections

Applications: Industrial and sanitary service, requiring accurate density and liquid interface determination. Sugar and Alcohol, Dairy Products, Food Beverage, Chemical, Mining Slurries, Pulp & Paper Mills, Petrochemical and others.

This training course is a combination of practical information and hands-on exercises covering the basic concepts of concentration and density measurement.

The attendee will be able to:

  • Use the Palm hand held and CONF401 configuration tools.
  • Configure all functions available on the programming tree.
  • Understand how the different types of density/concentration devices work.
  • Understand how to measure the interface of two liquids.
  • Troubleshoot the transmitter using Palm hand held and CONF401


  • Basic Concepts of Density and Concentration Measurement.
  • Functional Description of DT301.
  • Operation and Programming of DT301.
  • Installation of DT301.
  • How to Quote and Specify DT301.
  • Hands-on using Palm hand held and CONF401.
  • Troubleshooting using Palm hand held and CONF401.

Basic Knowledge of Density Measurement will help but it is not mandatory.

Program Length:
8 hours (1 working day)

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