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LD290/291/301 Pressure Transmitters

Conventional pressure transmitters use, as its measuring principle, the well-known field proven technique of capacitance sensing enhanced by microprocessor based electronics. This training course covers the product application for 4-20 mA and HART® Protocol.

Product Features:

  • Differential, gauge, absolute and vacuum pressure measurement
    (0-0.5 in H2O to 0-5800 psi)
  • Local Adjustment for configuration and calibration
  • Local zero and span adjustment
  • Optional PID control function
  • Multi-drop operation mode
  • Output functions: linear, √x, √x3, √x5, special function and constant current
  • 16-point freely programmable output characterisation
  • Flow totalisation (configurable in user units)

This training course is a combination of practical information and hands-on exercises covering the basic concepts of pressure, level and flow measurement in process control.


The attendee will be able to:

  • Use the Magnetic Screwdriver (SD1), Palm hand held and CONF401 configuration tools
  • Configure all functions available on the programming tree.
  • Select the right model for various applications.
  • Completely specify and decode the device including special services.
  • Understand the different ways of installation for pressure transmitters.
  • Understand how the PID controller works.
  • Troubleshoot the transmitter using Palm hand held and CONF401.


  • Basic Concepts of Pressure Measurement.
  • Functional Description of LD290/291/301.
  • Operation and Programming of LD290/291/301.
  • How to Quote and Specify LD Series.
  • Installation of the instruments.
  • How to quote and specify LD290/291/301.
  • Hands-on practice using the Magnetic Screwdriver (SD1), Palm hand held and CONF401.
  • Troubleshooting using Palm hand held and CONF401.

Basic knowledge of pressure measurement is beneficial but not mandatory.

Program Length:
16 hours (2 working days)

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