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Smar's Foundation Fieldbus control system ("SYSTEM302") is exactly that, a Foundation Fieldbus control system. It is not a PLC with a Foundation Fieldbus card, nor is it a DCS with proprietary elements and a Foundation Fieldbus interface. Consequently SYSTEM302 provides users the full power available from Foundation Fieldbus Technology. SYSTEM302 is named after our manufacturers code given to us by the Fieldbus Foundation ("302").

System302 is a fast and powerful Foundation Fieldbus control system. See the Why Smar? page of this website for an explanation of the advanced technology that enables this.

System302 is a complete solution providing Automation for very large plants down to small packages and processes. It integrates Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, remote I/O, HART and Modbus thereby maintaining its open structure using a single engineering tool. System302 is established in most process industries, but particularly in Sugar and Alcohol, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Food and Beverage and Power Generation. System302 is one of only a few systems in use in Nuclear power stations.

As well as our product range Smar provides customers with engineering, services and training to help with the selection, design, provision, installation, commissioning, optimisation and maintenance of process control systems.

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