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Customers world-wide are benefiting from our leading "open" solutions for their process control requirements. By solution we mean a complete service for our customers, this includes...  

Our control system and instrumentation providing Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, ASi, HART and Modbus.

Presentations and hands on training providing technology updates on the latest process control technologies

Engineering resource and process knowledge to help assess your process control strategies

Engineering resource to help design the process control system

Engineering resource to project manage the procurement, installation and commissioning of your system

Hands on training for all levels and roles of employee related to process control

Service and support to keep control systems and processes optimised

Our solutions benefit customers in many industries...  

Oil and gas extraction, transport, storage, and processing, both onshore and offshore

Food and Beverages, Sugar and Alcohol

Heavy and Fine Chemicals

Pulp & Paper



Power Generation (as an example of our leading system Smar is one of the few suppliers to have FF systems installed on a Nuclear power station)






Further information specific to each industry is available on the main smar website www.smar.com

For help with your process control requirements please contact us.

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