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PX400 - Wireless Pasteurisation analyser for online control

The PX400 is a wireless pasteurisation analyser that it makes possible to monitor and control in real time. The system is composed of two hardware units and PC software. The Hardware consists of a mobile transmitter (which passes through the pasteurisation process) and a receiver which is connected to a PC or PLC for SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) of the process.

The transmitter (called PX400T), passes through the pasteurisation machine together with the items being pasteurised (e.g. bottles). The PX400T measures and transmits the live data using wireless transmission. The transmitter is made in stainless steel and is designed to be continuously passed through the pasteurisation process without affecting production. Several Transmitters can be used on the one production line if desired.

The receiver (PX400R) is mounted externally to the process. It receives the data from any PX400 transmitters (by radiowaves) and is connected to a PC using HART over RS232 (EIA232).

The Software "PXView" installs on a PC and presents the data received from receiver in a clear and objective way, providing ease of operation. It also provides reports, graphs and tools to assist the user


For more information on the Smar Wireless online Pasteurisation monitoring and control system see this brochure or contact us.

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