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HT4012 Advanced HART Modem


  • Integrates the SRC HT3012 HART Modem and HC11 microprocessor in a single chip solution
  • Operates at the Bell 202 Standard Forward Bit Rate (1200 bits/second)
  • 1200 Hz and 2200 Hz Bell 202 Shift Frequencies
  • Improved Carrier Detect
  • Frequency Shift Keying (FSK)
  • 1200 Baud Transmit and Receive Modulation
  • Optimized for Intrinsically Safe Applications
  • LCD driver for up to a 160-segment display
  • 15-bit D/A converter for current control
  • Floating-Point Coprocessor to significantly increase processing performance
  • LCD can be oriented in multiple positions with the use of automatic orientation detection and segment reorganization
  • Engineering support services available for development of software source code and PCB design
  • Simplifies design
  • Shortens development schedule
  • Reduces part count
  • Lowers ownership and manufacturing costs
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