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HPC301 Palm Hand Held HART Configurator



  • Turns your Palm Compatible organiser into a fast configuration platform for HART products
  • Reviewed as much faster and easier to use than other hand held alternatives
  • Provides support for HART instruments from various manufacturers without the need for device-specific datapacks or memory modules
  • Support Multidrop operation for all 15 nodes allowed by the HART protocol
  • One step installation and extensive help system reduce training and eliminate the need for extensive manuals
  • Seamless integration with Smarís CONF401 PC configuration software
  • Configurations can be made off-line and stored for later use
  • Software upgrade to support future additional instruments

Note: The HPC301 has been superseded by the HPC401. For more information on either the HPC401 or HPC301 please contact us

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