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Modbus Protocol

Reliable Communication Technology
Modbus Protocol is a de-facto standard which has been in use since 1979. It is an open standard, probably the most widely used, and is supported by control system vendors world wide. Its main implementation is to transfer data between control devices. However it can be used to communicate with intelligent field devices for configuration, control and monitoring. Modbus can be relied upon for multi-vendor system integration.

Relatively recently Modbus TCP/IP has been developed and is now available from many vendors including Smar. The need for Modbus TCP/IP arose for several reasons. Ethernet cabling has become the de-facto standard for Enterprise Automation systems and TCP/IP has proved a reliable transport mechanism between Ethernet connected devices. End users and suppliers who had benefited in the past from the interoperability provided by Modbus now needed the same benefits over Ethernet. Consequently the specification for Modbus TCP/IP was completed and since 2000 allows for Modbus communication using TCP/IP. 

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