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HART Protocol

Leading Communication Technology
The HART Protocol is the leading communication technology used with smart process instrumentation today. The HART Protocol continues to grow in popularity and recognition in the industry as a global standard for smart instrument communication. More than two-thirds of all smart instruments shipping today communicate using the HART Protocol.

Easy to Use
HART is field-proven, easy to use and provides highly capable two-way digital communication simultaneously with the 4-20mA analogue signaling used by traditional instrumentation equipment.

Unique Communication Solution
Unlike other digital communication technologies, the HART Protocol provides a unique communication solution that is backward compatible with the installed base of instrumentation in use today. This backward compatibility ensures that investments in existing cabling and current control strategies will remain secure well into the future.

Designed to compliment traditional 4-20mA analogue signaling, the HART Protocol supports two way digital communications for process measurement and control devices. Applications include remote process variable interrogation, cyclical access to process data, parameter setting and diagnostics.


35-40 data items Standard in every HART device

  • Device Status & Diagnostic Alerts;
  • Process Variables & Units;
  • Loop Current & % Range;
  • Basic Configuration Parameters;
  • Manufacturer & Device Tag;

Standard commands provide easy access
  • DDL not necessary (or desirable) to get this data;

Increases control system integrity

  • Get early warning of device problems;
  • Use capability of multi-variable devices;
  • Automatically track and detect changes (mismatch) in Range or Engineering Units;
  • Validate PV and Loop Current values at control system against those from device;

HART is Safe, Secure, and Available
  • Tested and Accepted global standard;
  • Supported by all major instrumentation manufacturers;

Saves Time and Money
  • Install and commission devices in fraction of the time;
  • Enhanced communications and diagnostics reduce maintenance & downtime;
  • Low or no additional cost by many suppliers;

Improves Plant Operation and Product Quality
  • Additional process variables and performance indicators
  • Continuous device status for early detection of warnings and errors
  • Digital capability ensures easy integration with plant networks

Protects Your Asset Investments
  • Compatible with existing instrumentation systems, equipment and people
  • Allows benefits to be achieved incrementally
  • No need to replace entire system

Our HART Modems can be bought online, visit the HART Expert shop.

For more information, visit the HART site at: http://www.hartcomm.org

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